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However, at that point in time, I had no interest in him, since I thought I had "the one". He'd been gradually getting harder to contact and not writing as many letters, but he always blamed that on being so busy at college.

Meanwhile, my second year of college starts and I meet a neat guy who hits on me then I tell him I'm dating someone.

Then he took a night class, met someone else, and the next day, broke it off with all three of them. Short answer: No, I was not dating someone else when I met "the one." Long answer: It was a long time before "the one" (or, "the one who was to be 'the one'") and I got romantic.

It was another year or so before he started actually dating the "someone else", but they've been happily married for about five years now and he doesn't regret a minute of the wait. When we first met, I wasn't dating anyone, and he was dating someone casually.

She broke up with her boyfriend when I invited her to visit Seattle Once she was here, I ended the on-again-off-again cow-orker fling.