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Honestly, I did not mean to do that," Amy insisted.

"He just rolled his eyes and skated away," she added, laughing at the memory. No, Seth said, and the unspoken "thankfully" is a given. Of course, Seth, 19, the reason that Amy has relocated to Tennessee, as he begins his NHL career.

3 in the moments before the Nashville Predators' season opener against the Blues, you might have seen a woman hurrying down the steps to take a video of the Predators' warm-up.

Even now, as Amy Jones retells the story in the living room of their handsome home perched on the edge of an exclusive golf course outside Nashville, her middle son shakes his head at the memory as though he still can't believe it happened."I didn't mean to wave.

And while they cannot agree when the pinky promise was first made -- was he 12 or more like 15?