Flash icp dating game

I see my old homey, he died in a drag, Chillin with two bitches, "What up, Shag? Next thing ya know, I'm chillin' at the big top, Free money, and mad bitches non-stop.

" And he passed me a blunt like a tree trunk, I tried to hit it, but couldn't even fuck with it. Even though most never try, I'm not gonna let this pass me by, no. No water, it's faygo on tap, I wash my hair, and my face, and my butt-crack wit' it, Cuz I can, cuz I'm fat paid, I got a five story funhouse with a maid, And she walks 'round wit' her titties hangin' out, And when I cough, she come and dust my balls off.

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He uses purple as a text color, and used to type with each letter alternating case, which (like most things) annoyed Karkat.