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Kate White of Inside Soap praised the character while a writer for the Daily Mirror nicknamed the character "Eva The Diva".

Eva was described as being "feisty." Tyldesley revealed more about her character, saying: "Eva is a little bit of a princess!

In June 2011, Stella Price's (Michelle Collins) daughter, Eva, arrives and announces that the wedding is off.

Under pressure from Stella, Steve Mc Donald (Simon Gregson) agrees she can stay and Stella tells Eva that she has a home at The Rovers for as long as she needs it.

El embarazo de Longoria viene a poner el broche de oro a su boda soñada que se celebró el 21 de mayo de 2016 en Valle de Braco, localidad situada al oeste de ciudad de México. USA y al que asistieron destacadas figuras de Hollywood como Ricky Martin, Mario Lopez, Melanie Griffith, o Victoria y David Beckham.