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For Full Install: If you are upgrading from a previous version of Invision I recommend you rename the old Invision directory to something like i2OLD.

Keep in mind that encryption will not work between older versions of m IRC/Invision and Invision 3.3 with m IRC 7.1 . It will not work properly on older versions of m IRC.

For more details on other new features, changes, and bug fixes, click Read More below or check the forum. If you want to use Invision on an older version of m IRC, you can still download Invision 3.1.3 and use that.

We are no longer providing m IRC with Invision itself, so this lets you download it without having to go to the site and download it manually.

For this to work, make sure you are not blocking the installer from access to the internet.

However, if we do need to release additional versions for 6.35, we'll maintain those in the 3.1.x series to avoid confusion.