Adult chat servers

If, however, you favour a hosted chat solution and wish to take advantage of a cloud-based live chat, then we invite you to consider My Live Chat.My Live Chat is built on the same technology as ZChat, but delivered as a hosted solution, with a variety of monthly subscription plans.We have daily events, tournaments, and a friendly community!

Our goal is to offer you a welcoming environment and to make you a true part of our community!

Bad Wolf MC is a laid-back semi-vanilla SMP adult (18 ) server with plenty of space and a few plugins to keep your builds safe.

Our team ensure the uptime of your adult website or app, and thanks to Total Cover, you can choose elements, such as Back and Restore or annual security audit.

With optional load balancing and replication, plus generous SAN or NAS storage capacity, we ensure you're delivering the best customer experience to your users.

It's very new, so there's still a lot of things to do! Mine spawners, make grinders, PVP, Raid, Destroy, and last of all Have fun!