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Dear Jon Smithie: In fact: I'm Taiwanese, not Japanese, I just like to watch Japanese torture video, most of them are powerful torture and not too bloody for me.

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Like many other things about this movie, I don't know.

In the whipping scene it's hard to see clearly but it looks to me like they're whipping her with arugula, which as we all know, hurts a great deal more than either romaine or iceberg lettuce, or even celery. So, I guess Attackers is doing something special for "Lady Panther 10", the 10th entry in one of their better series about female cat burglars and thieves that get caught, raped, and enslaved.

No steam cooked Wonder Woman or Americana whatever! The movie is about a family that falls victim to a home invasion.

One IMDB reviewer says the situation "gets out of control "with "torture and humiliation" involved.

Insomniac: Thanks for the heads up regarding Trespass.