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In addition, Uncommon forms of melanoma such as amelanotic and desmoplastic types do not adhere to the usual ABCDE signs of melanoma and would probably be missed in a self-exam.

Melanoma detected at a routine skin check is thinner compared with those detected by other means.

A 2012 Cancer Council TV advertisement features an animation of a growing black melanoma, but Mr Mc Millan agrees that could be misleading."Those sort of scary images don't have a great effect," he said."A slightly tweaked message will be out there."Melbourne woman Rachel Angus had a near miss with a melanoma nine years ago.

She pointed out a pink spot on her leg to her doctor during a routine skin check."He had a look at it and said 'oh, it doesn't look like anything at all, but we'll take it off just in case'," she said.

Until now, public health messages about skin cancer haven't warned about paler, less obvious lesions."Typically, a lot of people assume, wrongly, that melanomas are associated with dark pigmented moles," said Chris Mc Millan, the CEO of Cancer Council Queensland.