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Every morning during spring training Bobby would cruise in on his bike before the sun came up.

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"My friend [Adam Grant] suggested that every night before bed, I write down three things I did well that day.

I tried to do this, although some days I had such a hard time thinking of anything I did well, that I'd end up listing 'Made a cup of tea.' But over time, focusing on things I'd done well helped me rebuild my confidence.

Goldberg suffered a head trauma after falling from a treadmill, and was just 47 years old.

The two had been married for 11 years, and had two children together." data-reactid="32"Sandberg's late husband, Dave Goldberg, died suddenly last May while the couple was vacationing in Mexico.

The lesser-known ex-wife of the celebrity chef, Bobby Flay, Kate Connelly rose to fame after they got married. The former wife of American celebrity chef, Bobby Flay, Kate Connelly hasn't made her personal life public yet.