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She also falls, after a fashion, for Michael Cera, the buttoned down star of "Juno," "Superbad," and "Year One." "What are you guys filming? "I was just planning on being off-camera and co-directing it with him," she says." But he he was like 'You should be on-screen, so we could see it through your eyes." And his hope was that I would have 'an arc' and find love 'During the making of.'" But Yi wasn't comfortable with that, so they came up with the plan to use Michael Cera. In fact all they had to go with for the whole movie was a five-page outline. "Because we wanted the dialog to feel as natural as it could because it was going to be right next to a documentary so we didn't want things too scripted even though we had plot-points that we had to do." Yi and Johnson met an amazing array of real people. "I think once you watch the film it's easy to see what's real, and what's not," says Yi. Everything with Jake, Michael and myself, that's a narrative, that's false." The hope is the blend of fact and fiction will lead to some greater understanding of love.

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Part of what makes it so fun to watch is that Yi and Cera have a natural chemistry (they're actually a couple in real life) and they don't want the cameras to follow them, because they want to be a couple on their own, with some privacy.

But Johnson knows that this is the "good stuff" and demands they keep following them just in case "something" happens.

Yi is a comedian who, per the prodding of a filmmaker friend, decides to explore the idea of whether love really exists (and if she can ever find it).

She has never believed in it, so she sets off with her filmmaker friend (played by Jake Johnson) to travel around the US conducting interviews with couples.

Nominated for Comedy Film Award for Best Actress she earned her place in Hollywood as she is known for the movie Paper Planes with one of the primary roles and Knocked Up.