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As for that conclusion that didn't sit well with me, without spoiling realize that the ending is left open for personal interpretation, but I feel like the most common explanation I've heard only makes me more frustrated. Thelma Click Here for Thoughts Jeremy's Top 10 - 20171. It's as if they planned all along to trick the audience.

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7 It did answer the question though in the end..a way. 8 I, unfortunately, had to endure this movie and thought it was agonizing all the way through.

basically (i don't believe this is a spoiler...) that it's worth the risk! 🙂 that seems like a good conclusion for the question of love to me!! Charlyn Yi is a cross between a cabbage patch doll,troll, and an old chinese man (just imagine the top of her head shaved). I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE IF YOU APPRECIATE DRUNK INSULTING OBSCENE COMMENTARY WITH FRIENDS.

Nominated for Comedy Film Award for Best Actress she earned her place in Hollywood as she is known for the movie Paper Planes with one of the primary roles and Knocked Up.

She is also said to have rumors circling about her having a romance with a co-worker, all that and more of the actress.

Her voice sounded like a whiny pre pubescent teenage girl, add singing to that and it's like a hipsters wet dream.