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You’ll know in an instant if someone watches porn by how they gape at your guy. Sex is what he does for a living, and he wouldn’t have such a lucrative living if he’s not getting it up…and keeping it up long enough for the scenes to be completed.

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Notre Dame may not want its players banging before marriage, but it will NOT suspend Justin Brent for "dating" porn star Lisa Ann ... A Notre Dame football spokesman says the freshman wide receiver will escape any punishment -- and will suit up for the Navy game this weekend.

He added Coach Brian Kelly met with Brent when he got back to campus ... It may sound strange, but sources connected with the university tell us Brent did nothing wrong.

We spoke with Elke who says she first met Brent through social media ...

but the cyber-flirting escalated to the point where she decided to attend the USC-ND game in L.

While the benefits of dating a male porn star can most certainly include a rocking sex life, the cons can depend on how open, jealous, and confident you are.

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    As Batman's religious affiliation is listed as "Episcopalian/Catholic (lapsed)" in various places, we have noticed a few people who incorrectly interpret this as an indicator that Batman is a "lapsed Catholic" who has now become an Episcopalian. What is meant is that Batman is an "Episcopalian/Catholic" who is lapsed in the bi-denominational upbringing of his childhood.