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It was called the 12 types of men and while it was really targeted a more”urban” audience with its references to thugs and baby daddies, but still had a few on there that everyone could relate to. Read More Last night’s conversation with July Guy was GREAT, but it almost didn’t happen because after I had given him my number for him to (per his words, have a chat), all he did was fire off a flurry of text messages and not one was asking when I was free to talk. Read More On and off, hide and reveal, resign and restart.

The vicious cycle known as online dating and for the life of me, I just don’t understand how men can continue to sabotage themselves by ruining the most important part of the process – the dating profile and specifically, the photos. Read More Someone new reached out to me over the weekend online and sent this: I know there’s less than a snowball chance in hell that you will even respond to this message, but sending it anyway.

Today, many people get married and develop strong friendships through their internet connections.

But, like everything else, there are guidelines or things you should be aware of before you take the leap of dating online.

, Single Girl Problems, Slider Posts, Slider Posts — The funny thing about dating is that there are so many different types of men and situations out there so you really are placed in a position of picking your poison. No matter what, it always seems like the longest week ever, so when someone asks me on a date for the first time on a Friday night, I often cringe. This genius has followed me from Black People Meet to Plenty of Fish and now this latest site. Read More I’m caught up in this vicious cycle where the levels of frustration are so bad that I say to hell with it all.