Bbm statuses not updating dating members database

but here are some questions what kinda things do y'all do attract tha biddies thru bbm profile pic- status updates- frequency of status updates- How quickly to read messages- how quickly to reply AFTER reading- broadcasts- bbm has a lot of components, and is not neccessarily the same as texting. I sit on bbm and most of my convos posted here and in FR are through bbm profile pic- i only update it maybe once every 2-3 weeks , usually some pic where im looking good and a pic on which girls said that i look hot status updates- almost never update unless i have something clever or funny to say which will draw attention.

one of the status that was a great success was "Police always questions me because they think im interesting" frequency of status updates- see above.

If so, you need to check out Password Keeper, a free app included with Black Berry smartphones that allows you manage your accounts in one place.

On top of managing your account information, one of my favorite features it the ability to generate random passwords that contain numbers, letters, and symbols.

It's update Wednesday, and Google is making good use of this one.