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At the end of Season 9, the pair's relationship moved from platonic to romance while But if there's one thing to convince you otherwise, it's this epic Twitter thread from Claire Willets, who shut down claims that the romance was just a stalling mechanism for Ross and Rachel's relationship, but rather puts forward a very strong argument that Rachel and Joey are far better suited.Read it all, and then try and tell us you don't agree.HE MAKES HER LAUGH."Okay, now contrast this with Ross, who from minute one has labeled Rachel as "his." We're always told that Ross/Rachel was a "friends to lovers" ship but WHAT IS THAT BASED ON??? He had a crush on her in high school, so he "claimed" her first, and long after they've broken up he resents every man in her life."Ross literally cannot accept that Mark (or any man) could be just friends with Rachel because HE couldn't be "just friends" with Rachel.

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And, oh yeah, Ross says Rachel's name at the altar while marrying Emily. Plus, in between there is Chandler in a box, the big trivia competition ("The One with the Embryos") that leads to the apartment switch and, of course, "Seven! It was too far into the series to throw these two together.

They didn't make sense and their romantic scenes felt forced.

@kaneandgriffin explains, "In Defence of Rachel and Joey: A Thread.

I'm loving this "let's yell about TV plots point we hate" thing that's happening EXCEPT that it started about Rachel and Joey on Friends.

But this is presented as Joey's standard greeting to every hot woman ever, not specific to Rachel." But Joey's relationship with Rachel is platonic almost right away. "Joey has a lot of problems but his supportive, protective relationship with the women friends is one of his best qualities.

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