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In every situation, the most important things are consent and safety: In this short video, parents and experts talk about sexuality for young people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

You’ll hear why it’s a good idea to talk about sexuality before children start thinking about sex.

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For example, when she’s attracted to another person, she might feel a tingly sensation in her body, or she might think about the other person a lot and want to be with them a lot. Teenagers with ASD might also find it hard to understand that people can feel embarrassed about expressing deep romantic feelings for somebody.

Teenagers don’t always show these feelings on the outside.

Managing sensory issues Sensory issues can have an impact on romantic relationships for young people with ASD.

For example, if your child isn’t comfortable hugging other people, this affects the ways he can express affection and attraction.

You can help your child understand her feelings and behave appropriately by giving clear explanations of sex, sexuality and relationships. It’s also the way your child feels about his developing body.