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In your example 'the' is necessary in both positions. I want to post some pictures on my Instagram, but I'm not sure which of the captions below would be correct: Artworks by Brazilian artist Ana Horta. Please take a look at our Getting Started section for information on how best to use the site, and be sure to read our Frequently Asked Questions page for tips and suggestions on various aspects of learning English.

However, if 'similar' is used then no article is required as the noun is plural. Best wishes, Peter The Learn English Team Hello dear team, Please help me with the following question: In translating a book, at the end of one chapter, when marking the source of the text, should I put in this way: 1.

NEARLY 30,000 people have backed a petition calling on Oxford City Council to relax a policy to allow rough sleepers into shelters when freezing nights are forecast.

Services are provided by charities Homeless Oxfordshire, St Mungo’s and The Porch.

The council said homeless people could be barred from shelters on safeguarding grounds because of duties of care to staff and residents.

If you follow the link and read the example sentences there, I think you'll see what I mean. 'a country road' or 'a country home'), 'the' is not used before it.

All the best, Kirk The Learn English Team Dear Sir, Hello. In the first sentence (without 'the') the words 'Brazilian artist' functions effectively as a title, while in the second sentence it is simply a descriptive adjectival phrase.

Cambridge University is moving in the same direction, * Update: The Independent published a follow-up article on Tuesday 13 December following a statement from the Oxford University Student Union which indicated that claims it had told students to use gender-neutral pronouns were inaccurate.