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Mountford Measuring Paternal Involvement in Childcare and Housework Helen Norman and Mark Elliot Resonance as a Social Phenomenon Vincent Miller The EU’s Racial Equality Directive and the Evolution of Discourse in the Field of the Fight Against Discrimination.

a Comparison Between France, the UK and Spain Philippe Hamman and Cécile Frank The Right to Asylum and EU Asylum Procedure in Greece Gabriella Lazaridis and Mariangela Veikou Exploring Gender in Portuguese Bedrooms: Men’s and Women’s Narratives of Their Sexuality Through a Mixed Methods Approach Violeta Alarcão, Ana Virgolino, Luis Roxo, Fernando L.

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The Role of Tradition in Women’s Marital Aspirations Julia Carter Researching Migration in a Superdiverse Society: Challenges, Methods, Concerns and Promises Lisa Goodson and Aleksandra Grzymala-Kazlowska The Unknown Victims: Hegemonic Masculinity, Masculinities, and Male Sexual Victimisation Aliraza Javaid Exploring an Absent Presence: Wayfinding as an Embodied Sociocultural Experience Paul Symonds, David H. Brown and Valeria Lo Iacono Emotional Reflexivity and the Guiding Principle of Objectivity in an Inter-Disciplinary, Multi-Method, Longitudinal Research Project John Stephen Mc Kenzie Interrogating Trans and Sexual Identities Through the Conceptual Lens of Translocational Positionality Michaela Rogers and Anya Ahmed Making a House in Multiple Occupation a Home: Using Visual Ethnography to Explore Issues of Identity and Well-Being in the Experience of Creating a Home Amongst HMO Tenants Caroline Barratt and Gill Green Measuring Cultural Capital: Taste and Legitimate Culture of Czech Youth Ondřej Špaček On the Role of Values in Social Research: Weber Vindicated?

Martyn Hammersley Introduction: Class and Christianity Mathew Guest, Sarah-Jane Page and Yvette Taylor 'I Want There to Be No Glass Ceiling:€' Evangelicals’ Engagements with Class, Education, and Urban Childhoods Anna Strhan Religion and Social Class: Theory and Method After Bourdieu Andrew Mc Kinnon Mediating ‘Aspirant’ Religious-Sexual Futures: In God’s Hands?

Reviewed by Alp Arat Back to Top ^ published on 'Fighting Science with Social Science: Activist Scholarship in an International Resistance Project' Stevienna de Saille ‘Ghettos of the Mind’: Realities and Myths in the Construction of the Social Identity of a Dublin Suburb Martina Byrne and Brid Ni Chonaill The Paranormal is (Still) Normal: The Sociological Implications of a Survey of Paranormal Experiences in Great Britain Madeleine Castro, Roger Burrows and Robin Wooffitt Garden Stories: Auto/biography, Gender and Gardening Mark Bhatti Using Secondary Analysis to Maintain a Critically Reflexive Approach to Qualitative Research Sarah Wilson Working at Pleasure in Young Women’s Alcohol Consumption: A Participatory Visual Ethnography Angus Bancroft, Mariah Jade Zimpfer, Orla Murray and Martina Karels A Methodological Intervention in Cosmopolitanism Research: Cosmopolitan Dispositions Amongst Digital Natives Johan Lindell and Yuwei Lin Beyond Economic Interests: Attitudes Toward Foreign Workers in Australia, the United States and East Asian Countries Ming-Chang Tsai and Rueyling Tzeng An Alternative Ethics?

Justice and Care as Guiding Principles for Qualitative Research Martyn Hammersley and Anna Traianou The Politics of Health Services Research: Health Professionals as Hired Hands in a Commissioned Research Project in England Simon Dyson and Sue Dyson Special Section Introduction: Mass Observation as Method Emma Casey, Fiona Courage and Nick Hubble The Materiality of Method: The Case of the Mass Observation Archive Liz Moor and Emma Uprichard A Sociologist’s Field Notes to the Mass Observation Archive: A Consideration of the Challenges of ‘re-Using’ Mass Observation Data in a Longitudinal Mixed-Methods Study Rose Lindsey and Sarah Bulloch 'Clearly Necessary', 'Wonderful' and 'Engrossing'?

To Fit in with People While Remaining Myself.' Social Integration of Second Generation Turks Within the Dutch Higher Education Setting Adél Pásztor The Reframing of Methodology: Revisiting a Ph D Study Sarah Dubberley Music, Knowledge and the Sociology of Sound Martyn Hudson How and when Do Educational Aspirations, Expectations and Achievement Align? Dee Special Section Introduction: Research Ethics and Moral Dilemmas of Social Research in Post-Socialist Europe and Beyond Ulrike Ziemer and Anton Popov Culture, Power and Social Disparity: Researching Russia’s Upper Class Elisabeth Schimpfossl Reflections on Positionality from a Russian Woman Interviewing Russian-Speaking Women in London Darya Malyutina On Being a Punk and a Scholar: A Reflexive Account of Researching a Punk Scene in Russia Ivan Gololobov Trust, Access and Sensitive Boundaries Between '€Public' and '€Private': A Returning Insider's Experience of Research in Bulgaria Milena I.