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Ryan Liddell was five when he was shot in the arm and chest by gunman Thomas Hamilton, who stormed into his year one gym class at Dunblane Primary School and murdered 16 of his classmates and his teacher.But Liddell, now 20, was today, found guilty of the violent sex attack on the committed Christian, retired nurse, and grandmother-of-two, after barging into her ground floor flat in Dunblane, Perthshire, tearing off her clothes, and saying he wanted sex.

However, it has now come to be recognised as a masterpiece of the era.

In 1994 the National Trust announced that it had accepted Gwynne's offer of the house with most of its contents and its seven-acre garden as a legacy.

She had always wondered if Rossdale was Daisy's father and when she reached the age of fifteen mother and daughter felt it was time to find out.

Rossdale, who at that time was married to Stefani but had yet to have any children together, agreed to a DNA test which subsequently proved that he was indeed the father.

Although nominated for the RIBA's Royal Gold Medal earlier this year, Gwynne was probably under-recognised in his lifetime due to the private pattern of his practice and his own unassuming personality.