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Net Web Forms Application to create Web Application Project for the Provider Hosted App Provide Certificate details for the High Trust Apps Now once the project is ready we can start with the coding part of Solution as follows- Steps 1 – In the add HTML code to provide UI for the solution In the file add the following code- Steps 2 – Refer the JQuery File from the CDN Steps 3 – Calling Inject Java Script Function Steps 4 – Inside Inject Java Script Function, check if MDS is enabled and if it is Register Custom Java Script code using Register Module Init function.

The first parameter to the Register Module Init function is the path to the Java Script file relative to the _layouts folder.

Attempting to click on the link will cause OWA to attempt to open the site notebook, but it will fail miserably.

You will need to update your navigation node to point to your new site url.

This approach will ensure that this Java Script will work both with MDS enabled & disabled sites.

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