Dating brass dial clock

The cost of a typical grandfather clock in the 1780s was .50, and few were produced compared to other furniture forms in the 18th century.Until the Revolutionary War, tall case clocks closely resembled their English cousins.Originally, cases for tall clocks were made by coffin makers and, therefore, a case became known as a sarcophocus.

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Dating brass dial clock

Forman, an Allentown, Pennsylvania, clock historian. "Many local clockmakers were self-taught and had little formal education," he said.

"These were intelligent men with sound mechanical abilities."It wasnt easy for a clockmaker to succeed financially in making every part of his clocks.

Finally, a tall case provided for the full fall of the weight. There was ample room in the tall case to permit the weight of full drop for that length of time without complicating matters with additional wheels.

It was decided that the beginning and end of a week was a time not likely to be forgotten. The earliest clocks in America were imported by the first settlers, who brought with them the skills of the Old World clockmakers.

Makers of the Boston School were scattered all over New England.