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Snarl, a local animal rescue and rehabilitation shelter, have seen the mutilation of the cat-killer's victims more than 400 times.The serial killer has also murdered squirrels, foxes and rabbits since 2014It is understood by Snarl that the killer is a white man in his 40s, around 5ft 9in tall, who is likely to be from Croydon, due to the ease in which he moves around the area.The case is being closely followed by the National Crime Agency and the Arro Gen Veterinary Forensics pathology lab, as well as Mr Jenkins and his team. I wish sometimes it was a bit more like 'CSI',' he said of the television series where crimes are solved every episode using forensic science.'Examining the clues, Jenkins wondered whether the killer was a man trading in animal skulls, but it turned out to be a false lead.'Whilst it was obviously a weird thing to be doing, it wasn't, strictly speaking, illegal because he imported them from China.'Snarl's Facebook page is a catalogue of the sickening deaths that have occurred in the last few years.

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Mr Jenkins and his co-founder Boudicca Rising began investigating the suspicious demise of these poor creatures.

After consulting vets, pet owners and local residents they pieced together a map and timeline of the killings.

The twisted thug is believed to have mutilated 400 animals in south London and the rest of the country.

It was initially believed the hunt for the pet killer was over when police in Duston, Northamptonshire, arrested a trucker, 31, after five cats had their heads severed and left in plastic bags — similar to the horrific finds in Croydon.

Postmortems revealed that mutilation of the felines happened post death and Scotland Yard told AFP that Police believe that an individual or group of individuals are responsible for both.