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“Burt is happy that he and Sally have formed a friendship and can talk about the great times they had and what they are up to now,” says a confidante.

Sally, too, has begun seeing Burt in a different light, and has “come to believe that Burt was her soulmate,” the confidante continues.

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“I want them to have some kind of values,” says Burt.

“I don’t want them to think of me as this guy who moved in with their mother.” His concern for her kids has likewise altered their marriage timetable.

“They still share something that is very special for both of them.” RELATED STORY: 'Steel Magnolias' 25 Years Later — See Sally Field, Julia Roberts and the Rest of the Iconic Cast Then & Now! “She has totally forgive him for everything,” says an insider close to Burt.

“They are very sweet with each other when they talk.” To paraphrase Sally’s famous Oscar speech: They like each other, they really like each other!

“He sticks his neck out and keeps on truckin’.” “I’ve always taken chances,” reckons Burt, 43, who just completed one of his boldest.