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A wedding procession in Belize, as in other Central American countries, is extremely festive and communicates happiness to all those present.

Large crowds sing and dance to celebrate the bride and groom, even if we do not know them all.

In general, the bridesmaids need to coordinate their dresses, which are always extremely colorful.

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This is not the case with weddings in countries in Central America where weddings are generally joyous spectacles.

To illustrate this, we could speak of traditional weddings in Belize although this small Central American country is not Spanish-speaking but instead English, which makes it different from others in many ways.

This is often the case because the couple is usually very young.

The importance of family in Central America is evident in the marriage in two ways.

First, the whole family can participate actively in organizing the wedding and provide advice if they are good at cooking, decorating, sewing or music, for example.