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We would be hypocrites to not act immediately and ask for their resignation.

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Anyway the only tea was Wendy asked if they even got to the meal during this scene and she said no, Tamra only ordered tea and came with the agenda of walking off. When Vicki lets it slip that maybe if Eddie is gay he married her for the gym business. Isn’t that the genesis of that entire GAY EDDIE THEORY? David and Shannon barely grunt at each other these days.

Tamra says Eddie walked away from a $400,000 job at law firm WITH HIS DAD. It is not like David pays attention to anything Shannon says.

Pretty much anytime anything happens anywhere, one of my readers is there. The fact that the kid is negotiating a price is even more bizarre.

So I can only assume I have quite a few Armenian readers here. Peggy seems to really be trying to oversell the Armenian thing. I worked as a gate agent for Eastern Airlines for a brief time right before they went belly up.

The organization aims to elect more left-wing candidates to public office.