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Watch as I break down all of the inconsistencies in the article.

And if you're just going to give up, then why not just run home now to lick your wounds in shame?

If that's difficult for you to accept, come back and dare to challenge me again.

Is there anyone who doesn’t have a crush on Nigella Lawson?

There certainly wasn’t in Chatelaine magazine’s brand new test kitchen when the ever-smart and ever-sexy author-broadcaster made an appearance to chat about her cookery with food editor Claire Tansey.

She told Fashion magazine that her father and her uncle influenced "her early understanding of what it means to be a feminist" and "instilled in her a confidence in her body's physical strength and stamina." She added that her time with her father and her uncle "positively shaped the relationships she has with men." She emailed Trudeau a few days later, but he "wasn't ready to take anyone seriously" and never replied, according to Chatelaine.