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Also complicating the bridge's situation was the railroad's route through Newport, which ran straight down the center of Saratoga St. Any improvement would have required an expensive half mile viaduct. tracks were removed in the late 1980's when railroad operations ceased and were soon after replaced by a landscaped median.

Land freed by the departure of the railroad was purchased by Trauth Dairy, whose delivery trucks use the line's old bridge over Alexandria Pike to connect the two halves of that company's property.

It is the region's most eccentric bridge, with remnants of a half-dozen major modifications still visible today.

Recently in 2002 it was heavily modified once again, painted purple, and reopened in 2003 as a pedestrian-only bridge.

The rivalry between Covington and Newport has festered for 200 years, and the fight over what became known as the L&N Bridge was one of their earliest battles.

When the Cincinnati & Lexington Railroad was built to Covington in 1869, it had no bridge connection into Cincinnati.

This unusual cantilevered design avoided a further widening of the piers and approaches.