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Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to how much sex everyone is having, or really, how much more sex other generations are having (or had) compared to Millennials.When a recent study found that Baby Boomers have had more sexual partners than Millennials, it was like minds were blown the eff out of the water.

Suddenly Senior: What can you expect from this light-hearted site?

Here’s a sample: “Instead of , at our age how about just five?

Case in point: Only seven percent of seniors said they’d be happy in relationship without sex, whereas 14 percent of those in their 20s could say the same.

Well, if their age group outdoes ours in sexual partner numbers, it definitely makes sense that seniors would be more open to the idea of casual sex, too.

Of the 2500 participants, a teeny, tiny four percent of women said they didn’t had the desire or energy to get back out there, while 23 percent of men said they just didn’t have it in them to do the whole dating thing.