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Cheap solutions are short-term solutions Need your roof fixed? Cheapskates will often invest the least amount of resources (time, energy AND money) into finding solutions to problems. That will cost more in the long term, and wear you down emotionally.4.Cheapskates will judge your purchase choices You will end up smuggling things into your house, just to avoid the disdainful glare of your cheapskate boyfriend.

Today’s installment is about the dreaded Cheapskate. As a Rules Girl, I never ask men out on dates, and therefore THE MAN SHOULD ALWAYS PAY. I will always offer to pay half and halfheartedly reach for my wallet, but if the man actually takes me up on my offer, then God help him. This one is tricky because since the man is paying, he obviously should pick only dates that he can afford.

If we split the check on the first date, I’m actually pretty cool with that and will chalk it up to “Well I guess he didn’t like me that much.” If he asks me out again after that, I might give him another chance, but if splitting the check becomes a pattern, then that’s a dealbreaker. Well, splitting the check is a big red flag that the guy is probably just a cheapskate in general. If you continue to date this dude, you can look forward to lots of cheap dates and squabbling over amounts (“I had a slice of cheese pizza, but you had the pepperoni, so you owe an extra 50 cents.”) On your honeymoon, you’ll probably find yourself strapped to the top of a bus in India, since the air-conditioned compartment was “too expensive” at $2. I know, it’s ridiculous that cocktails are $18 here. And actually, some of the funnest dates I’ve ever been on cost next to nothing.

This would go on every day during the stay and we'd depart with a suitcase full of crappy miniature shampoos. Perhaps you've got your own special brand of skinflint in your life who is forever calculating the cost of things, bemoaning spending money on things that aren't considered essential or practical and basically ruining the romance by being so damn cheap.

And he would hound the wait staff to replenish our bread, which he then wrapped in a napkin and stuffed in his jacket pocket. On the rare occasion we would stay in a hotel (usually when someone else, such as my work, was paying) he'd load up on all the toiletries from the bathroom and then call housekeeping to replace them.

Cheapskates don’t see any way to strategically use debt.5.