Asp net validating date and time

As a user, I get frustrated trying to find a popup window again. Submitting Web forms fields to sql database by clicking on SUBMIT FORM and sending the form fields to email box I have a created or designed a form to be stored in a SQL database table and at the same time when a user clicks on SUBMIT button the form fields will automatically goto the visitor email address immediately.

Also i have created a database with tables for each of this forms Pls help i have over 10 forms designed but the problem of submitting them to the table database and the user email address is the challenge now....

asp net validating date and time-21

The Microsoft validators do not have any smart enabling features.

This leaves you with these choices: * Write a custom validator whose logic detects both the status=closed info and the date format. Parse Exact() will help you check for a valid date from text.

You ned to familiarise yourself with the basics of database access in ASP. There are free tutuorials here: Startv20/aspnet/doc/da...required field validation on web form hello all, I currently have a web form which allows the users to insert data into a database.

I have set up a few required field validators on a some textboxes.

The idea is to put each of the 3 different forms in this application of 3 different pages. It then takes information from the current record in the app, populates fields on each of the web pages, and them submits the forms.

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