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Nevertheless, I now find myself carefully navigating the emotionally and logistically tricky world that is dating on Tinder. And then, as I'm drafting a subtly suggestive reply, my son waddles back in and climbs into bed beside me.I know it's generally considered a hook-up app, but it's perfect for time-strapped moms who can't waste hours setting up a Match or e Harmony profile. Late night..." I text back, trying to sound flirtatious. And I realize, for tonight at least, he'll be the only guy between my sheets.

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Yet I slowly realize that while Jack accepts that I'm a mom, he rarely asks about my children, changing the subject whenever I mention them. In fact, one positive of being a mom already is that I'm not looking for a husband, or the father of my children, or The One.

We only ever meet at his bachelor pad, never at my house. Ultimately, I don't feel that pressure to settle or compromise, especially not with a man who views my children as an inconvenience.

My marriage ended two years ago, and it took me awhile to get my head around dating again — but now that I have, I see that I'm doing life in reverse.

As I'm dipping a toe in the dating pool, friends are becoming parents.

However, when you've got kids it can put added pressure on finding someone new.