Guys dating girls with children

I could never date/wife someone that already has kids, i wouldnt even consider it. Your thread has made up my mind to not enter that dating scene even if some of them are hot.Maybe thats shallow, but i dont want to enter a relationship as the 3rd wheel always between her, her kid, and the kids dad. I respect that kids should come first, and im always nice to these girls kids.

Join KIVA - Donate to those in need around the world! But some women just take it to far and think there kid is the most special, non disruptive, kid in the universe.

Its one thing to have a kid, its another to let it walk over you and ruin your health and relationships, completely giving up all your needs for the kids and refusing to find that balance because it `might hur the kids feelings`.

Get that right and you've taken the first step toward dating a single mother successfully.

You may be confused about your role or what to expect.

Liking her kids isn't the same as raising her kids. Be ready for rapid-fire spontaneity or an ironclad calendar. There is nothing more beautiful than a joyful child.