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Data Retrieval Manager.process Data Stage Directive(Data Retrieval 2017/01/15-.129 error [GDH--0] at com.netscreen.devicecomm. 2017/01/15-.131 debug [Thread-0] Percentage from running thread whose id is 43-0 is 100 2017/01/15-.132 debug [Thread-0] Start Printing status set ========================== ( :job Id (43-0) :message Type (status) :gui Status ( :description (failure) ercentage (100) ) ) 2017/01/15-.132 debug [Thread-0] Finished Printing status set ========================== 2017/01/15-.132 debug [Thread-0] Came in update Status Response Response &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& (directive Manager :job Id (43-0) :message Type (status) :gui Status ( :description (failure) ercentage (100) ) ) 2017/01/15-.133 debug [Thread-0] Deleting from Update Status Table ************** 2017/01/15-.134 debug [Thread-0] Came in reply Response &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& (directive Manager :completed (true) :command (get NSMAttack Version) :message Type (result) :directive Args ( :device () :domain Id (1) :device Id (999) ) :job Id (43-0) :error ( :code () :text ("See Details to know about Error") :details ("

Gui Directive Interface.process Directive(Gui Directive 2017/01/15-.129 error [GDH--0] at com.netscreen.devicecomm. Retrieval Info(Data Retrieval at com.netscreen.devicecomm.externalcomm. Data Retrieval Manager.process Data Stage Directive(Data Retrieval at com.netscreen.devicecomm. Null Pointer Exception") ) :status (failure) btw i can update my device(somthing like change policy add rule create object) whithout any problem !!

So we want to switch to Java 8 Update 111 64 bit (switch from 32 bit to 64 bit). Ref: submitter to check with Micro Focus as they may need to submit MOS ( request regarding this. Ref: submitter to check with Micro Focus as they may need to submit MOS ( https://support.) request regarding this. ======================================================== Micro Focus ZENWorks is a management software for software deployment.

========================================================= Written back to the submitter with following response: On a Windows 7 Pro (64-bit), followed the mentioned as well related scenarios and couldn't reproduce the error. Scenario 1: Install 7u51 (32-bit) - uninstall from "Add Remove Programs" and install 8u111 (64-bit) - OK Scenario 2: Install 7u80 (32-bit) - Reboot - Install 8u121 (32-bit)- Select uninstall 7u80 when prompted - Install 8u121 (32-bit) - OK Scenario 3: Install 7u80 (32-bit) - Uninstall from Add Remove Programs - Install 8u121 (64-bit) - OK Apparently, it could be system specific state affecting the outcome.

It would be useful to understand if the issue is reproducible with another system as well.

Null Pointer Exception") ) :status (failure) ) 2017/01/15-.130 debug [Pooh] RECEIVE: DISCONNECT (1) session ID = 106 remote ID = 29131641 2017/01/15-.131 notice [GDH--0] Job get NSMAttack Version::43-0::0 finished execution.

When I try to update a domain that was created previously I get Create SLDatasource Action.validate And Check If Exists(Create SLDatasource at sun.reflect. Tried to edit and submit new domain and I got the same problem, 4. Also, I found that we can export data source, save it locally open it with notepad modify and save locally and then upload, but when I tried to save I got the same error. I verified that all the fields that I see in my domain are common JAVA classes, so we don’t need to do any custom modifications for our config file I don't know what else I can do to fix or get some work around to make this app workable.

Last worked in version 8u92 ADDITIONAL REGRESSION INFORMATION: Was working with Java 8 Update 66 64 and 32 bit. Main.main(Unknown Source) ERROR MESSAGES/STACK TRACES THAT OCCUR : Jfx Runtime.runtime For JRE(Unknown Source) at deploy.config. JREInfo.initialize(Unknown Source) at deploy.config. Client Config.refresh Properties(Unknown Source) at deploy.config. Client Config.init(Unknown Source) at deploy.config. Web Start Config.init(Unknown Source) at deploy.config. In the bug report, I didn’t use ZENWorks, I used install/uninstall mechanisms of the OS (Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit).