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If neither the -S nor -s flag is used in the command, the filer automatically creates a distinctively-named snapshot at the time the vol copy start command is executed and copies only that snapshot to the destination volume.

updating fcp-81

If no name is given, then RAID mirror verification is started on all online mirrored aggregates.

Look at the following system options: raid.scrub.duration 360 raid.scrub.enable on raid.scrub.perf_impact low raid.scrub.schedule## verify status aggr verify status ## start a verify operation aggr verify start [ aggrname ] ## stop a verify operation aggr verify stop [ aggrname ] ## suspend a verify operation aggr verify suspend [ aggrname ] ## resume a verify operation aggr verify resume [ aggrname ] Note: Starts RAID mirror verification on the named online mirrored aggregate.

Hardware compatibility is particularly important if you have an older system or a system that you built yourself.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 should be compatible with most hardware in systems that were factory built within the last two years. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 supports, at minimum, all 32-bit and 64-bit implementations of Intel microarchitecture from P6 and onwards and AMD microarchitecture from Athlon and onwards.

The status includes a percent-complete and whether it is suspended.