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In 2003, distributions started to include metadata files, called META.yml, indicating the distribution's name, version, dependencies, and other useful information; however, not all distributions contain metadata.When metadata is not present in a distribution, the PAUSE's software will usually try to analyze the code in the distribution to look for the same information; this is not necessarily very reliable.

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Files on the CPAN are referred to as distributions.

A distribution may consist of one or more modules, documentation files, or programs packaged in a common archiving format, such as a gzipped tar archive or a ZIP file.

To install the DBD-mysql database driver all you have to do is run the package, and perform the installation: Active State downloads all new packages from CPAN once a day and tries to build them for each supported platform.

The generated binaries will be added to the PPM repositories if: Even modules that failed to build on the automated Active State build system may still be installable via PPM: There are several other people maintaining additional PPM repositories, and often they go and spend the required manual effort to get these modules building.

PPM includes a list of public repositories, including the architectures they support.