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About the ideal marriage, the Guru says: "They are not husband and wife who only have physical contact; rather they are wife and husband who have one spirit in two bodies." The Sikh marriage ceremony is called explain the four stages of love and married life.

However, the word 'arranged' is not always properly interpreted by people in Western societies.

An arranged marriage does not mean forcing a boy or a girl into a wedlock of parents' choice only.

The bride's past and present becomes the bridegroom's past and present. They feel and think alike and both are completely identified with each other, i.e., they become ' literally means the coming or the meeting of the parents of both the boy and the girl, and this shows the importance attached to the union of the two families.

As soon as the bridegroom, and the two families are assembled the and when the bride comes she take her place on his left.

The wedding processes then leave for the Gurudwara where the marriage rituals take place.