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Most of all I don't want to somehow misrepresent myself and inadvertantly hurt someone. What happened to a old fashion relationship to be with one person if you enjoy thier company.

Theres enough broken hearts on here already.^^^ he said NOT a fwb Op, check out and see if they offer anything in your area.the pressure off of yourself about meeting one person where you are in the spotlight and do the group meet someone there you like you can talk and go from there..not you might make friends and if they are doing something interesting you could always invite someone you are interested in to go along..being part of a group (now one you have friends in) you will take alot of pressure off yourself. I got out of a relationship recently and feel very similar.

No, there's nothing wrong with wanting to be just platonic friends for now.

You've even put that on your profile, by choosing "Dating" rather than "Long term", for example.

After a tough breakup, we have to start somewhere, don't we?!