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After undergoing a three-day training program, peer advocates staff our 24-hour cell phone, accompany student victims to police departments or medical appointments, or staff SASOnline, a free and confidential online support service established in 2009.

The Peer Support Program effectively uses student and staff volunteers who play an integral role in our response to crime on campus.

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Your debt settlement company will usually send that letter to all the creditors listed on your credit report.

But your credit report can still legally list old debts for 7 years, which is often longer than the statute of limitations on those old debts.

Every state has a “statute of limitations” that sets the longest amount of time that a creditor can wait before it might lose the right to sue you. But, you can lose that protection if you make a mistake.

If a creditor sues you too late, you have the right to go into court and have the case dismissed. The “statute of limitations” is revived if you, (or your “debt settlement company”) makes a payment on the debt, no matter how small the payment is.

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