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Howard Taubman, of the , agrees that it will outgross even “The Sound of Music.”Of course, box-office isn’t the only measure of a motion picture’s success.

Like the Beatles, “The Graduate” has met with favor from every level of brow. [It is] a milestone in American film history.” It was included in the Ten Best lists of . And, as special appeal, on both sides of the generation gap.” Indeed, it seems to have become something of a cultural phenomenon—a nearly mandatory movie experience, which can be discussed in gatherings that cross the boundaries of age and class.

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Levine indicated; the receipts still haven’t peaked.

From its performance thus far, Levine predicts that “The Graduate” will become the highest-grossing film in motion-picture history.

The graduate is a young man named Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman), who returns home to suburban Los Angeles from an Eastern college for the summer, loaded with credentials of glory, and at loose ends about what to do next. Braddock in his campaign to get Benjamin together with his daughter. Benjamin catches up to her, explains that the date was his parents’ idea, and apologizes.

The evening after evening Benjamin’s arrival, his wealthy parents throw a party for their friends, more or less in his honor. goads him on by suggesting that he is a virgin and is sexually inadequate. For the next few weeks, Benjamin hangs around his house by day—sunning, floating on an air mattress in the back-yard pool, avoiding his father’s questions about plans—and, by night, meets Mrs. at the hotel, where they conduct a tense, conversationless affair. In the next scene, they are eating at a teen-agers’ drive-in, relaxed and chatty.

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