Amarok not updating collection

To be displayed inside of amarok, every device needs to be recognised by Solid which currently doesn’t see the i Phone or IPOD touch.Unfortunately there is no other way to tell amarok manually that there is a device plugged in. However, according to Christophe Fergeau („teuf“), that might not be fully correct: As soon as I will get any further information about that issue, I will certainly write it down here.

amarok not updating collection-62amarok not updating collection-17

When I look in the folders which contain the tracks, there is only one copy of each track. I compiled and installed it yesterday, and it was running fine then. I'm not too familiar with the exact locations but I've had this problem before and all I had to do was remove the contents of (or .amarok I can't remember) in your home directory.

Feel free to dig into the directory because if you delete that whole directory you will lose all your custom configurations for KDE apps. I went into ~/.kde/share/apps/ and deleted the amarok folder.

As some of you may know, I’m a frequent Amarok user and try to contribute as much as I can for that project.

Hanging around in the project’s IRC channel #amarok on Freenode brings some problems to my eyes which are asked very often.

Just do something digging in those directories and delete anything that has something to do with amarok.