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Sri Lanka is a small island in the Indian Ocean with a land area of 25,000 square miles and a population of 18.3 million.

Topographically the island consists of a south central mountainous region which rises to an elevation of 2,502m and is surrounded by broad lowland plains at an elevation of 0-75 m above sea level.

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Information Provided by the Government of Sri Lanka to the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development New York 20 November 1997 United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs Division for Sustainable Development The Information contained in this Country Profile is also available on the World Wide Web, as follows: This country profile has been provided by: Name of Ministry/Office: Ministry of Forestry & Environment Date: 20 November 1997 Submitted by: (Ms) C.

Amerasekare Additional Secretary Ministry of Forestry & Environment Mailing address: Ministry of Forestry & Environment No.

A separate Ministry for environment was also established.

Thus, in the 1980s, the Government began to pay more attention to the environment.

With the Rio Summit, the Government of Sri Lanka began to follow a more focused and a concerted policy towards sustainable development.