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Are archaeologists respecting the dead even with ethical and moral codes guiding their standard practices?

How should archaeologists and researchers respectfully treat the dead?

Because of this, ‘archaeology, as an archetypal dualistic/materialistic practice, treats dead bodies as ‘things’, for its own ends.

And so, on the whole, do museums’ (Bienkowski 2006: 7).

Pagans are coined as ‘new indigenes’ by Bain and Wallis (2006: 4) due to their shared worldviews with indigenous peoples, ‘whose re-enchantment practices involve engaging with nature as alive with spirits… The idea of personhood and the lack of it are also quite important.

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    In fact, it was only years later – having written a sincere, rose-tinted ‘best years of my life’ piece extolling the place which led to angry conversations with several of the now adult victims – that I heard for the first time how it went on: behind closed study doors, in locked masters’ bedrooms after lights out, and even in the cricket pavilion.

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    The team of six also includes Rashid Beduni Mwagonga, Nicholas Wambua, John Nzau Makau and the only woman on the team Beverly Mutindi, Chief Financial Officer.