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I teased him a little just to see what he would do. "Hell no," she gasped, "I gave him my supervisor's number," she added with a sly grin. " Then, she reached over and lightly stroked my growing cock. I don't want to set artificial limits on our pleasure.

I leaned over on the counter so he could see down my blouse, and then I bent over to get a box and gave him a view of my butt. "This is the stiff one that I like to play with." Needless to say, her stories and exploits always gave me an erection. Feel free to express your desires and know that I will be happy to go along with your experimentation." "I've really never thought about anything before.

I mean anything at all." Barb turned her head on the pillow. "Hells bells, honey, you've told me plenty of stories about the men who have tried to get into your panties.

It excites me when you relate all the details about your encounters. What would she think if I told her about my darkest fantasies?

Barb stood and went to the bathroom to finish cleaning up. I never want "anythings" to take the place of our own lovemaking, but adding a little spice now and then should keep things exciting and fresh for us for years to come." "Keep talking," she urged. " "Well, if you aren't okay with me taking a few liberties with other women, strangers or one of our friends, then I'll agree to avoid those situations.