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I've also observed you flirting with some of our friends at parties. "No, honey, to me "anything" means you are free to say or do whatever you are comfortable doing.You're a natural tease and we both enjoy the game." "So, your "anything" comment is restricted to me flirting and teasing, right? I just want to be a part of it somehow." Barb looked at me for several long moments. What if I decided that I wanted to dance with another guy at a party? " "Yes, that would be fine with me." "What if I let him hold me really close? " "No, I would probably get as aroused as you," I admitted. "Let's say that he put his hand on my ass while we were dancing close. " "Uh huh, I'm sure that would give me a hard on, seeing him touch you like that. " "I've thought about how hot it would be to see another guy fondle you and watch you respond to his touch." Barb shook her head slowly."Sorry for messing up your hair," I said sheepishly. You've really messed up my mind," she murmured as she turned to study me. They drift apart, have affairs, or stop being intimate altogether. Besides, I know you enjoy flirting and being a tease. I could choose to get upset and jealous, or I could choose to enjoy your outgoing ways with you. " "If I can try anything, does that mean you get the same privilege? "At this point, I don't know how I'd feel about it.

When I turned back around, the man had a hard on in his pants! She could tell that her antics turned me on, increasing the height of our lovemaking as she related what had happened. My fantasies included Barb's teasing and advanced to dreams of her actually doing some things with the men whom she tempted. Don't expect me to jump up and start to belly dance," Barb joked.

One Sunday afternoon, after a very intense fuck, I steeled my nerve and commented, "I'm willing to go along with anything you might want to do...sexually. "Now Barb," I coaxed, "don't tell me you haven't entertained any fantasies about some of the guys you've teased. " "Well," she began, "if you count those thoughts, maybe I've been guilty a few times." I chuckled, as my pretty wife blushed red from her face down her neck to her upper chest.

We weren't talented lovers at that age, and stuck to the missionary position.

We were usually good for at least two good fucks before lunch and, sometime, another session in the afternoon.

Part of what drew me to her was her flirtatious manner.