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SET NOCOUNT ON; -- Insert statements for procedure here DELETE tbl_Service from tbl_Service where Service_ID = @Service_ID ENDWe're a bit stuck in a loop here....

Message) End Try End Sub ---my stored procedure is as follows-- CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[sp_Service Del] -- Add the parameters for the stored procedure here @Service_ID int AS BEGIN -- SET NOCOUNT ON added to prevent extra result sets from -- interfering with SELECT statements.

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Grid View Delete Event Args) Handles Gridview Odin. Connection String = sql Con Str mycommand = New Sql Command("sp_Service Del", myconnection) myconnection.

Your Grid View needs a Data Key Names set in order to keep track of the primary keys of your data objects.

Execute Non Query Msg Box("Record Deleted") myconnection. Row Updating Try Dim mycommand As Sql Command myconnection.

Grid View Update Event Args) Handles Data Grid Odin.

Protected Sub Gridview Odin_Row Deleting(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.