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This is the premise of the hit BBC supernatural drama Being Human. version proved equally as popular with TV audiences on this side of the Atlantic, so much so that Syfy commissioned a second season, which premiered this past Monday @ p.m. This time around, our roomies are faced with new and even more dangerous challenges involving their supernatural lifestyles.

Last year, Syfy launched its own version of the series starring Sam Witwer as vampire Aidan Mc Collin, Sam Huntington as werewolf Josh Radcliff, and Meaghan Rath as ghost Sally Malik. Aidan struggles with avoiding the violent lifestyle of his past as "Mother," the ruthless Vampire Queen (Deena Aziz), makes him an offer he cannot refuse and involving her disgraced Vampire Royal daughter Suren (Dichen Lachman).

The funny thing is that personally I expected it to feel a lot like just one giant bout of déjà vu, and to be honest, it just felt as though we never had the hiatus.

It was all the same crew and a lot of the same cast, so it was as if we’d had a two day break and then just rolled into season two.

As for Josh, his animalistic alter ego takes on a brand new meaning after he discovers that he is responsible for turning his girlfriend Nora (Kristen Hager) into a werewolf.