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Steel tends to be preferred in sports where a strong, long-wearing shoe is needed, such as polo, eventing, show jumping, and western riding events.

Aluminum shoes are lighter, making them common in horse racing, where a lighter shoe is desired.

Some of them host among the tallest and greatest mountains. The Balance/ Scale At the end of that Day, there will be a Balance that will be set up to weigh people’s deeds.

Qurtubi said: “When the Reckoning would have been completed, the deeds will be weighed.

He[SAW] said: By the One who has my soul in His Hand, the two of them (ie his two legs) are indeed heavier in the Balance than Uhud (a large mountain in Madinah). and again, You shall see it with certainty of sight! then, on that day, You shall be asked about the delight (you indulged in, In This world)! Verse 1 Loving the world and the heedlessness of the Hereafter In this first ayah, Allah describes that the competition and the love for the worldly things that diverts you from the remembrance of Allah. They will continue to be in this state UNTIL they are buried in the graves. Ali bin Abu Talib says, “ Some scholars said; Ayah 3 was about; When you enter the grave, you will find out the reality. In verse 5, Allah says علم اليقين which is certainty with knowledge.