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Ferdinand Blumentritt, a Czech Filipinologist and José Rizal's friend, and Wang Teh-Ming, a Chinese scholar, supported this historic development of commercial activities which continued almost 300 years undisturbed until the advent of the Spanish era in 1571.

Long economic trade relations must have resulted in many generations of Sino-Tagalogs, whose descendants are still omnipresent in Malolos, the innumerable Malolos families who bear Chinese-sounding surnames attest to these inter-marriages.

THE FIFTH THEORY: According to the Older Inhabitants in the City, it was once called "Los Malos" meaning "The Rebels".

During the Spanish Rule many of the natives have always mispronounced the City's name and overtime they've adopted the corrupted name of the city thus calling it "Malolos".

Malolos also houses the most populous high school in Central Luzon, Marcelo H. Malolos, once the capital of the short-lived First Philippine Republic, is linked to many patriots and heroes in the country's history. It was in 1225 that a "Li Han in the country of Mai" was mentioned in the account of Chau Ju-Kua titled Chu-Fan-Chi, the Ma-i is one among many Prehispanic Philippine States such as the Rajahnate of Butuan, the Kingdom of Tondo and the Sultanate of Maguindanao.