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Because you have to, as Barney, not only not care what people think, but go above and beyond that and just own things.

I think before the show I was probably more hyper-introspective about what people were thinking and how I came across, and Barney has informed me in a way that I care less about that. That was a long arc and I was concerned about it because all of a sudden Barney’s dating Patrice, someone that he would openly mock in previous seasons.

With guest appearances from Seth Green (Austin Powers), Alexis Denisof (Much Ado About Nothing) and Ashley Benson (Spring Breakers), not to mention a cameo appearance from Mike Tyson, now’s the time to learn why the hugely-loved sitcom – deemed this generation’s Friends – is must-watch television as How I Met Your Mother Season 8 is released on 30 September 2013 courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. I thought there was a nice wrinkle about Barney liking the chick that Ted wants. People are always asking, “Who would you rather be with, Ted or Barney?

Though really I was just hoping that I’d get to ‘F’ her once and get it out of my system, but it was a good ‘F’. ” But Barney and Robin are just so different that I feel for both of them to decide, “All right, this is it,” is just such a wonderful choice.

Sitcom emotion tends to just end and they’re not together and then they move on, but there are feelings that do linger and even though the voiceover Ted, older Ted, has said that she’s not the mother, he still thinks that there could be something between the two of them and that doesn’t happen only once. I like the realism of that in the confines of a multi-camera structure.