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Assimilation through Ukrainian language is 67 percent for Poles, 45 percent for Czechs, and 33 percent for Slovaks.

As a second language Ukrainian is used by 85 percent of Czechs, 54 percent of Poles, 47 percent of Jews, 43 percent of Slovaks, and 33 percent of Russians.

And rather than searching for the right person..if we became the right person for someone thru the grace and power of God... I would like to add someone into that list for both me and my daughter. Plus we could add the girl one of the little stick figure people bumper stickers on our car! I'm a very hard working person....looking for someone with the same work ethic.

San Francisco's housing stock is much older than other California cities'(housing), with buildings dating from the 19th century," said William Strawn, a spokesman for the city's Department of Building Inspection.

Aired 10-11p ET • President Trump, GOP Celebrate Passing Tax Cut Bill; Trump, People Are Saying Merry Christmas Again.