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"I'm going to miss all his jokes he tells because he's really funny, and he likes doing stuff with me," said Kira Hilton, the soldier's daughter. "I'll miss her first crawl, her walking for the first time probably," Hilton said.

The new wave of troops is setting out two weeks after a soldier from Youngsville was killed in an attack claimed by the Taliban.

The context of the Punic Wars and Rome's near-disastrous defeat at the Battle of Cannae (216 BC) link these early games to munificence, the celebration of military victory and the religious expiation of military disaster; these munera appear to serve a morale-raising agenda in an era of military threat and expansion.

The next recorded munus, held for the funeral of Publius Licinius in 183 BC, was more extravagant.

The development of the munus and its gladiator types was most strongly influenced by Samnium's support for Hannibal and the subsequent punitive expeditions against the Samnites by Rome and her Campanian allies; the earliest and most frequently mentioned type was the Samnite.