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It's as effective as sending GIs into a peasant village. Pit Balm stops unwanted bodily functions in their tracks.

It says here your name is Mr Zoo, and now your saying your name is Pat Flanagum, and now you're saying it's Shelia?

So what it tells us is all animals are pretty much the same, from a genestical level.

Mr Zoo: There are also lots of tiny differences between animals, you know what a species is don't ya honey? Mr Zoo: It's an animal, which has other animals, which are quite a bit like it. Exactly the same as a regular bear only it's got a big horny growth hidden right down its groin area.

All the double gutted patree monkeys exactly like a normal tree monkey, except it's called after me and if you have a rummage around inside, goin in the back door, you discover it's got two digestive tracts, two, amazin!

Thanks to anyone who has sent me an email that has actually had anything in they are very much appreciated. ) (plus I slightly redid the ASCII thing again but not much) December 10th 2002 v1.3 Well, large update today, added the whole (still a few corrections to do but it's mostly done) Jez Torrent script given to me by Psy and is the biggest contribution by anyone! I have also now completed the Claude Maginot section and have started with the Thor bit, but that may take a while as I have got quite a bit to do for it. Today I have scripted over 20 minutes of the show and I expect to do more by tomorrow.